Collection: Activewear

Working out is so much more fun if you have cute activewear to put on! If you’re a fashion-loving girlie, then let our boutique activewear collection inspire and motivate you to work out every day. Show off your curves, feel comfortable, and exude confidence as you work your butt off for those gains!

Stay Fit and Fashionable

Going to the gym doesn’t mean giving up on fashion. You can sweat it out while looking as cute as ever with activewear that’s been designed to keep you on top of your A-game. These cute activewear are so flattering that you’ll want to go to your weight-training or yoga class just to show them off—and get your body moving as a result! And whether you like your leggings seamless or seamed, our women's fashion boutique has it all! Start exploring boutique activewear now!

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Sparrow Marketplace was founded by a woman for other women who share a mutual appreciation and love for fashion. It’s the go-to place to get your hands on the latest trends in women’s boutique tops, boutique skirts, and more, and discover your personal preferences when it comes to fashion. We encourage shopping according to your tastes for designs, silhouettes, and colors that make you feel like your most authentic self. Find your favorites and become the trendsetter of your town!

Where Fashion Meets Curious Minds

Are you someone who lives and breathes fashion? Do you love gobbling up fashion tips or industry news? Are you interested in discovering unique ways to style cute activewear that will have you turning heads? Then take a look at our blog where we share our style diaries, outfit tips, and more to keep you ahead of everyone else! Don’t let anyone show you up. Read our blog and get inspired today!