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What to Wear to a Country Concert

Are you planning on attending a country concert? Then your outfit needs to be on point! The good news is here at Sparrow Marketplace, we’ll be more than happy to help you out with what to wear to a country concert. That’s why we compiled this list of 10 cute country concert outfit ideas to inspire you. Enjoy!

1. Channel the Flannel

Flannel is an integral part of any country concert get-up. However, a few tweaks here and there should take it up a notch. For example, you can wear it as an outer layer instead of your primary top. Pair it up with a trendy crop top, which is what you need to wear to a country concert if it’s going to be hot for the rest of the day. 

Need to take the flannel off? Then be sure to wrap it around your waist. Not only will it provide a cinching effect, but it’ll also prevent you from misplacing it accidentally! 

2. Denim on Denim

Like flannel, no cute country concert outfit is complete without denim. But if you want to stand out from the sea of blue, then go for different washes. Pair a light denim jacket with a dark-wash skirt or sexy shorts for women. If you want, you can do the reverse as well!

If you’re looking for what top to wear to a country concert this summer, then a cropped blouse should be your top choice for a denim ensemble. You look trendy and fab even if you have to shed your jacket.

woman in denim jacket and skirt

3. Gorgeous in Gingham

Gingham is another pattern you should consider for your next country music concert outfit. A gingham top is undeniably cute and trendy, and it goes well with any type of bottom一be it a boutique skirt or a comfy pair of pants.

If you have a gingham dress in your closet, then make sure to take it out! Trust us, it’s what you’ll want to wear to a country concert. It’s attention-grabbing, and it looks great with a pair of boots or cute sandals. It goes great with simple jewelry too!

4. Dress + Outerwear Combo

Country concerts may be sweltering in the morning, but they can get cold quickly during the nighttime. Keep yourself cozy and chic by wearing your cute dress with fashionable outerwear.

A denim jacket, like the one below, is a good idea. That said, you can always go ahead and explore other options. Whether you choose a blazer, cardigan, or shacket, it’s sure to add a layer of warmth and wonder to your cute country concert outfit.

woman wearing dress and jacket

5. Cute in Crochet

Want to keep it cool and laid back? Then a crochet ensemble is what you need to wear to a country concert. A colorful or patterned crocheted top and a pointelle skirt or shorts are perfect for channeling vintage vibes. 

You can also throw in a crocheted cardigan or a sweater, especially if you expect lower temperatures for hours to come.

6. Light and Breezy

Keep it light and breezy with this country music concert outfit idea. Perfect for the summer, an airy top and a midi/maxi skirt will keep you cool in a jam-packed venue. 

Keep your feet comfy一especially if you plan on finishing the entire set一by wearing this attire with flat sandals. Top it off with a hat and eyewear to protect your face from the unforgiving sun.

woman wearing hat, floral top, and skirt

7. Lovely in Loungewear

If you want to stay comfy from day in to day out, then loungewear is what you need to wear to a country concert. 

Wear your sweatpants with an oversized tee, but make sure to knot the edges for a more form-fitting, waist-cinching look. 

While sneakers go best with this loungewear attire, a pair of ladies’ heels will add some pizzazz to this laidback ensemble. That said, you can also opt for slippers if you want to keep comfy in your cute country concert outfit.

8. Rad in a Romper

A romper is what you need to wear to a country concert, especially if you’re looking for an easy, fuss-free get-up. From flirty florals to fringed denim overalls, there are a lot of styles you can take hold of for your country music concert outfit.

Pair your romper with your favorite boots and a pair of dangling earrings for a look you can take from day to night. Don’t forget to wear a cute, wide-brimmed hat as well!

woman with backpack wearing floral romper

9. A Maven in Metallic

If you want to shine一literally一then a metallic ensemble is what you need to wear to a country concert! Pair your gleaming top with some ripped denim jeans, or you can glam it up all the way with a metallic skirt or trousers.

You can keep things simple since your cute country concert outfit is bright enough, but you can go out of the boxes if you want to! Wear your get-up with other shiny jewelry and accessories, and you’ll definitely be the brightest belle of the ball!

10. Wonderfully Wild

Animal print may not be your top choice regarding what to wear to a country concert, but it should be! The unique styles will surely make you the darling of the country crowd.

The key to this trend is pairing your animal prints with plain colors and classic styles. For example, a cow print crop top will look more sophisticated when worn with wide-leg linen pants. The same goes with a snakeskin top, which will blend well with denim pants.

Simple accessories are the best, for you don't want the attention to be drawn away from your cute, animal-inspired country concert outfit.

Enjoyed our exhaustive list of what to wear to a country concert? If you still need one (or two) pieces to complete any of the looks above, then make sure to visit our women’s clothing boutique online. We offer on-trend and limited-edition pieces you’ll want for your next country music concert outfit.

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