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The Sparrow Guide to Styling a Cute Thanksgiving Outfit

Autumn fashion is full of possibilities, and everyone wants a cute Thanksgiving outfit. Layering, textured tights, and a cool and comforting palette are all hallmarks of the season. And this is a great opportunity to try new styles and show off a fun accessory. You want to look your best for Thanksgiving, whether it's a family or friend affair. Sparrow Marketplace has everything you need to put together a perfect outfit.

We’ve put together this helpful guide to styling a cute Thanksgiving day outfit that will make you wish it was turkey day every day of the year. 

Keep It Cozy

A cozy plaid blanket, book, and hot cocoa

Thanksgiving conjures up images of families coming together over a table, gratitude, and (of course) lots of food. Wearing tight and restrictive clothing isn’t always the best idea on a day like this. Keeping it comfortable and cozy on Thanksgiving is always a great idea—but this doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish too. 

Here are some women's Thanksgiving outfit ideas on how to make a cute Thanksgiving outfit that will stun and also keep you comfortable from appetizers to dessert. 

Sweater Weather

A big cozy knit sweater is always in style when the air turns cold. Classic cable knits are always in fashion, so they’ll be an excellent closet staple from season to season. A cozy sweater can complement any cute Thanksgiving day outfit. 

Look Fancy & Feel Free

A flowy skirt or dress are always the best way to look great and also not deal with a restrictive waistline. Our boutique dresses for women and boutique skirts invoke style, class, and comfort. After all, it is a holiday. Use it as an excuse to look your absolute best in your cute Thanksgiving outfit. 

Texture & Fabric 

When choosing fabrics and textures for your Thanksgiving day outfit look for fabrics and patterns that invoke the season. Plaid, houndstooth, denim, and corduroy all invoke fall fashion, especially when paired with chunky knits. Our variety of women's boutique tops come in a variety of fabrics, styles, and colors to suit all of your outfit dreams. 

Match The Leaves 

Around Thanksgiving the trees are showing off their very best colors, and you can too in a cute outfit. Maroons, burnt oranges, and gold are all excellent choices when putting together the color palate of your look. 

Putting together a cute Thanksgiving outfit is easy when you have a little guidance. These tips will help you create an outfit perfect for your grandma’s annual feast, or a Friendsgiving thrown together for friends unable to travel home. 

All The Fixings 

What’s an outfit without the accessories? It’s like a turkey with no side dishes! Putting together a cute Thanksgiving outfit is a great excuse to wear some fun accessories and pull out your best baubles. But what accessories are best for Thanksgiving? 

Keep Your Hair Contained and Cute

Maybe you’re in the kitchen helping to cook up the feast. You need to make sure you have a way to keep your hair out of the way, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look cute doing so. A claw clip is an excellent and simple way to sweep up your hair. Headbands also scream autumnal cuties. Try one with a cute plaid fabric or a little sparkle to brighten everything up. 

Baubles and Bits 

When considering jewelry for Thanksgiving day outfits don’t be afraid to make a statement. Big knits and cozy dresses go very well with bold and classic jewelry. Layer a statement necklace under a scarf, sweep your hair up and add big bold earrings. Or keep it simple! A classic hoop and layered chain necklaces are also always in style. 

Break Out The Scarf and Hat

No cute Thanksgiving outfit is complete without some cozy accessories. This is a perfect time to break out that cute scarf you’ve been waiting all season to wear. Or even try out a chic little beret. These comfy touches add a seasonal spice to your outfit. 

Dressing up for holidays is such a fun way to express your style and have fun. Reach for that accessory you’ve always wanted to wear but weren’t sure how to style. Use Thanksgiving as an excuse to try out a new cozy season look. Just because Auntie Sarah never changes her green bean casserole doesn’t mean you have to wear the same old look every year. 

Where To Shop For the Cutest Thanksgiving Outfit

When styling an outfit for any occasion you can never go wrong with shopping locally. The Sparrow Marketplace is a local, minority-owner, and woman-owned clothing boutique. We pride ourselves on having the best on-trend pieces and offering stellar customer service. 

If you’re stuck on figuring out some good women's Thanksgiving outfit ideas come to our storefront in Tuscaloosa and let one of our friendly staff members guide you through the stock.

But if you aren’t in Alabama there is no reason to fret! Our online women's clothing boutique also has a wide variety of dresses, tops, skirts, shoes, and accessories so you can build the ultimate Thanksgiving day outfit. 

Be Thankful

A group of friends make a toast over dinner

Getting all dressed up for a holiday is extremely fun, but don’t forget the reason for the holiday. Thanksgiving is an opportunity to come together with family, friends, and all of our loved ones and reflect on the things in our life that give us joy and meaning. Being comfortable, happy, and present with the people you love is the most important thing, but being in a cute Thanksgiving outfit for sure helps.

Here at Sparrow Marketplace we want you to feel your absolute best at all times. Shop with us today and let us help you put together an outfit that you feel incredible in.

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