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How to Style Biker Shorts the Sparrow Way

Biker shorts are a cute, sexy, and comfy piece to design an outfit around. And they’re not just for the gym. Styled correctly they can be a serious statement. Think of the iconic Princess Diana in her big crewnecks, biker shorts, and sneakers. It was a comfy look that quickly became extremely popular, fashionable, and as iconic as Diana herself. 

So do you want to roll out of bed and still feel like royalty? Do you want to look like the coolest girl in the room who is ready to hop on a skateboard? Or maybe you just want some extra coverage. Here at Sparrow Marketplace we want to show you how to style biker shorts in a way that’ll make you feel like the comfiest princess or coolest skater chick in the room. 

What Are Some Cute Biker Short Outfit Ideas?

Outfits with biker shorts can add a skater girl chic, casual elegance, or just add more comfort and coverage. They’re an extremely versatile wardrobe piece and the possibilities are truly endless. Here are a few ways we suggest styling biker shorts.

The Royal Treatment

As mentioned before, the biker shorts look became oh-so iconic when Princess Diana would sport them around town. This look is simple, fun, comfortable, and extremely cute. Pair your favorite pair of biker shorts with an oversized crewneck sweater: bonus points for some fun color and pattern mixing. Finish off the look with some crew socks, good sneakers, a bright scrunchie, and some shades and you’re ready to step out looking like a princess yourself. 

Short Dress Savior

Do you have a short and flirty dress that you absolutely love? But when you wear it do you fear having your dress blow up à la Marilyn? Are you wondering how to style biker shorts with it? Biker shorts are a cute and practical way to keep that fear at bay. Pair your favorite flirty dress with some biker shorts and lace up boots or colorful sneakers. Now you have a cute biker short outfit that says “I may be cute, but I’m also down for an adventure.” 

Festival Chic 

Nothing screams free-spirit like a lacy cropped tee-shirt over a pair of bike shorts. Load up your arms with a menagerie of bracelets and layer on a plethora of rings. Top it all over with a hair chain or a wide brimmed hat. Don’t forget your strappy sandals! Dressed like this you’ll want to be as close to Mother Earth as possible. 

She Was a Skater Girl

Woman with tattoos on roller skates

An outfit with biker shorts gives off the impression you got dressed with the intention of moving around a lot. Whether on a bike, skateboard, or roller-skates. A girl in biker shorts has got places to go, and those places are so cool. But how do you style biker shorts in this style? A pair of bike shorts paired with an oversized vintage band tee and some strong lace-up boots screams “There’s a secret house show tonight, and I know where.” Complete your edgy girl look with a silver chain, baseball cap, and an air of effortless cool. 

These are just a few ways to give you an idea of how to style biker shorts. You can find the perfect pair of sexy shorts for women to complete one of these at Sparrow Marketplace. 

Why Would You Want To Wear an Outfit With Biker Shorts?

Still not convinced you should graduate your biker shorts from workout wear to everyday fashion? Here are three C’s that’ll make you want to wear cute biker short outfits everyday. 

1. Comfort

It’s 2023 babe, we do not have to sacrifice comfort for fashion anymore. Celebrities have proven that activewear can be its own level of chic. And when you’re comfortable and confident you’ll do your best work. Do you really want to be in a tight pair of skinny jeans for a class at eight in the morning? Or do you want to know how to style biker shorts and look effortless and feel so very cozy? 

2. Coverage

As mentioned before, biker shorts can provide a bit more coverage when wearing a short flirty skirt. The coverage of the biker shorts can help you feel more confident and secure. And what is sexier than someone brimming with confidence because they know how to style their biker shorts? (It’s a silly question, there is obviously nothing sexier than that)

3. Cool Factor

We’ve said it before but it bears repeating, people just look cool in biker shorts! They give off an air of practicality and effortlessness that just makes people do a double take. Everyone always wants to know who that confident girl in the cool shorts is. 

Figuring out how to style biker shorts is an excellent way to add casual comfort to your wardrobe without sacrificing style. Biker shorts give you an opportunity to be cool, calm, and collected and still look great. 

Why Sparrow Marketplace?

Sparrow Marketplace is a brick and mortar and online women's clothing boutique offering the latest styles at affordable prices. Sparrow is constantly updating their inventory to keep on top of what the latest trends are. And as a women-owned and minority-owned small business, Sparrow Marketplace prides themselves on having something for everyone. Whether you’re a classic southern belle or a skater girl, Sparrow has your new favorite wardrobe piece waiting for you. Learn how to style biker shorts with us. Come into our brick and mortar in Tuscaloosa today, or shop online (and get free shipping on orders over $50!). 

Be Confident, Be You

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Now that you know how to style biker shorts in a variety of ways you are ready to go out and create your own unique look around this wardrobe staple. The very best advice we can give is to wear something that makes you feel amazing. When you feel great, you look great. Outfits with biker shorts are cute because of the confidence worn with them. Embrace comfort and style, shop our selection of biker shorts today.

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